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Access through interpretation
Heather MacDonald. --, In partnership with: Trent Centre for Community Based Education, The Canadian Canoe Museum., HIST 381
An evaluation of a youth literacy program
The Stay in School High School Program (SISHS Program) is a recent pilot project of the Learning Disabilities Association of Peterborough. It is designed to offer youth that are struggling in high school with academic and/or social issues an alternative learning environment with personal one-to-one tutoring and support to achieve the student's academic goals., Executive summary. Recommendations -- Introduction -- Background -- Methodology. Methodological approach. Participant observation. Interviews. Limitations -- Findings-discussion-recommendations. Introduction. Section 1: Attendance. Strengths of attendance. Challenges with attendance. Incentives as a suggestion to help with attendance. Relationships as a form of retention. Discussion. Re-cap -- Section 2: Tutor/participant relationships. One-to-one tutoring. Multiple tutors for one student. Learning disabilities. Goals. Discussion. Re-cap -- Section 3: Training. Discussion. Re-cap -- A need in the community -- Section 4: Structural. Suggestions for more days and hours a week. Time commitment. Money. Room size. Organization and communication. Discussion. Re-cap -- Conclusion -- Strengths and challenges -- Recommendations -- References -- Appendix., by Amber Schuler and Bethany Robinson (nee Martin)., Completion Date: April 2010., Completed for: The Learning Disabilities Association of Peterborough; Supervising Professor: Chris Beyers, Trent University; Trent Centre for Community-Based Education., Includes bibliography and appendices., IDST 422, Assessment of Development Projects.
Encouraging young readers
Kelli Zeran Grady., Complete for: Peterborough Learning Disabilities Association; Supervising Professor: Prof. Jim Struthers, Trent University; Trent Centre for Community-Based Education., Includes literature review., CAST 481H.
Learning disabilities study
by Mandy Fry. --, NAST 381a : Theory of Community Based Research.

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