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Access through interpretation
Heather MacDonald. --, In partnership with: Trent Centre for Community Based Education, The Canadian Canoe Museum., HIST 381
Computer literacy and poverty in children
Roy De Lima. --, YWCA, 1996-97.
Education and environmental degradation in Jamaica
Part 1: Education reader ; Environmental issues in Jamaica -- Part 2: Exploring the colonial legacy in Jamaica: past, present, and possibilities for change., by Phil Abbott., Completed for: Marisa Kaczmarczyk at Jamaica Self-Help ; Supervising professor: David Morrison, Trent University ; TCCBE., Date of project submission: June 2005, International Development Studies 370 - Community-based research project.
Environmental scan of global education programs
The primary purpose of this report is to provide a preliminary assessment of the youth-oriented global education programs ongoing in Peterborough and Northumberland County and to lay the ground work for the establishment of a network of global education and youth engagement practitioners in the region., 1. Introduction -- 2. Literature review. 2.1. Cultural Geography. 2.2. Social Geography. 2.3. Global education -- 3. Methodology. 3.1. Literature review. 3.2. Survey & interview design. 3.3. Data collection & analysis -- 4. Results -- 5. Discussion. 5.1. Global education programs & goals. 5.2. Success of global education programs. 5.3. Networking connections. 5.4. Overview & gaps. 5.5. Best practices of effective youth engagement. 5.6. Limitations of research -- 6. Conclusion -- 7. Appendices. 7.1. Map of Peterborough County. 7.2. Map of Northumberland County. 7.3. Survey. 7.4. Interview guide -- 8. References., by Hyunah Jun and Stacey Lima., Date of Project Submission: April, 2009., Completed for: Jamaican Self-Help:: Marisa Kaczmarczyk & Julia Anderson; Supervising Professor: Heather Nicol & Mark Skinner, Trent University; Trent Centre for Community-Based Education., Includes bibliography., GEOG 470, Research in Human Geography.
Ethical issues using live animals in public education outreach programs
By Kimberley Pastirik., Date of project submission: April 2010., Completed for: Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre; Supervising Professor: Joe Cebek, Trent University; Trent-Centre for Community-Based Education., Includes bibliographical references., BIOL 3891H, Community-Based Research Project.
Evaluation of global education programs within Peterborough and Northumberland Counties
1.0 Introduction -- 2.0 The principles and practice of global education. 2.1 Global education and citizenship. 2.2 Organizations and global education. 2.3 Global education in the school system. 2.4 Global education within the family and community. 2.5 Youth outreach: the value of networking -- 3.0 Methodology. 3.1 Research question. 3.2 Methodology. 3.3 Field interviews and responses. 3.4 Method of analysis. 3.5 Limitations -- 4.0 Global education in practice -- 5.0 Analysis. 5.1 High Schools. 5.2 Trent University Organizations. 5.3 Community Organizations. 5.4 Interconnectedness of schools and organizations -- 6.0 Conclusions and recommendations -- 7.0 References., Prepared by: Rebecca Cain, Nicole Dauncey, Mallory Hilkewich., Date of Project Completion: December 2008., Jamaican Self-Help; Supervising Professor: Michal Avram, Trent University; Trent Centre for Community-Based Education., Includes bibliography., IDST 422.
Exploring the relationship between educational experience and homelessness
by Sean Veecock. --, Includes: literature review ; final research report ; bibliography., Completed for: Shari Davis at the Learning Disabilities Association ; Supervising Professor: Jim Struthers, Trent University ; TCCBE., Date of project submission: May 2004., This paper examines the educational backgrounds of eleven homeless youth in Peterborough. This examination seeks to determine if there is a correlation between level of education and youth homelessness., Includes bibliographic references (p. 29-30)., CAST 477 ; Canadian Studies.
Indigenous research
by Alisha Cox and Lindsey Roy., Date of Project Submission: April, 2009., Completed for: Peterborough Red Cross, Jonathan Hedderwick; Supervising Professor: Professor Heather Nicol & Professor Mark Skinner, Trent University; Trent Centre for Community-Based Education., Includes bibliography., GEOG 470, Research in Human Geography.
Pilot study of the supermarket tour manual
Introduction -- Deliverables. Supermarket tours. Recommendations for tours. Fact sheet. Fact check. Survey questionnaire. Trent Centre poster -- Results. Survey questionnaire feedback. Survey questionnaire analysis. Banana split results -- Project assessment -- Conclusion -- References -- Appendix. Appendix A: Guideline notes for tour (Introduction). Appendix B: Guideline notes for tour (Produce). Appendix C: Guideline notes for tour (Biotechnology). Appendix D: Guideline notes for tour (Corporate control/manipulation). Appendix E: Raw survey questionnaire forms., by Patrick Gilhooly, Kierian Keele and Ashley Minion., Date of Project Completion: December 2008., Completed for: Ontario Public Interest Research Group - Peterborough; Supervising Professor: Paula Anderson, Trent University; Trent Centre for Community-Based Education., ERST 334H, Environmental and Resource Studies.
Popular education for gardens
1. Soil amendment practices -- [sic] 1. Intensive gardening -- 2. Featured crops -- 3. Alternative agriculture -- 4. Seed saving -- 5. Education and gardening -- 6. Conclusion., By: Emily Mask. --, Completed for: Trent Vegetable Gardens. Supervising Professor: Tom Hutchison. Date of Project Submission: August 2012., Includes bibliography., Environmental Resource Studies 3830Y: Community-based research project.
Popular education methods with the Seasoned Spoon
by Jessica Zintel & Andrew Harman., Date of Project Submission: April, 2009., Completed for: Sylvia Dick at the Seasoned Spoon Cafe; Supervisor(s): Mark Skinner & Heather Nicol, Trent University; Trent Centre for Community-Based Education., Includes bibliography and appendices., GEOG 470, Research in Human Geography.
Rainbow Prairie Tallgrass feasibility study
The Tallgrass Prairie Restoration Site is run by the Kenny family in Bailieboro, Ontario, located approximately twenty minutes outside of Peterborough. The site began in 1995, with the goal of restoring Tallgrass prairie to the area, and now is a twenty-acre portion of the Kenny family farm. A feasibility study was conducted to determine the feasibility of school field trips to the Restoration site. Ideas were also presented to include in the creation of a curriculum kit which could be used in conjunction with field trips to this site., Sections include: Overall introduction ; Literature review ; Elementary report ; Elementary appendix ; Elementary curriculum kit ; Secondary report ; Secondary Curriculum ; Secondary Appendix., by Laura Patterson, Alison Pechlof, Sarah Whitney, and Nichole Yarrow. --, Includes: Final research report; Literature review; Appendix., Completed for: Tony & Heather Kenny at the Tallgrass Prairie Land Restoration Site; Supervising Professor: StevenTufts, Trent University; Trent Centre for Community-based education., Date of project submission: April 2007., Appendices include, brochure: A landowner's guide for restoring Central Ontario's Rice Lake Plains Tallgrass Prairie; second edition produced by the Peterborough County Stewardship Council and the Nature Conservancy of Canada through the Rice Lake Plains Joint Initiative., Includes bibliographic references (p. 213-217)., GEOG 470, Research in Human Geography, Community-based research project.


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