Trent Community Research Centre Project Collection

A history of the Women's Health Care Centre
Introduction, Vision & Objectives -- Methods -- Results -- Discussion -- Personal comments -- References -- Appendix A: Letter to ethics committee -- Appendix B: Participant consent form -- Appendix C: Interview questions., by Claire Hanlon., Completion Date: April 2010., Complete for: Women's Health Care Centre; Supervising Professor: Ann MacLeod, Trent University; Trent Centre for Community-Based Education., Includes bibliographic references (p. 15)., NURS 302H, Community Health Nursing Care.
Assessing Canadian childcare
by Natalie Fragomeni and Brianna Peeters., Date of Project Submission: April 2013., Completed for: Peterborough County-City Health Unit; Supervising Professor: Heather Nicol and Peter Lafleur; Trent Centre for Community-Based Education., Includes bibliography and appendices., GEOG 4030Y.
Let's talk about menstruation
Introduction. i. The OPIRG/TCCBE project. ii. Purpose of the manual -- 1. Getting into the schools. i. Writing a letter. ii. Designing a poster. iii. Branching out. iv. Contacting schools and teachers by mail/fax/phone -- 2. The workshop. i. Keeping curriculum guidelines in mind. ii. Keeping anti-oppression principles in mind. iii. The workshop outline. iv. Materials used in the workshop -- 3. Useful information in the workshop. i. The menstrual cycle. ii. Menstrual symptoms. iii. The menstrual product industry. iv. Environmental and health effects of menstrual products. v. Government regulation of menstrual products. vi. Government menstrual tax. vii. Alternative menstrual products. viii. Suggestions/ideas for action -- 4. Resources. i. Photocopied materials. ii. Bibliography. iii. Web site chart -- 6. [sic] Recommendations & thank yous., Created by Ariella Meinhard. --, Date of project submission: April 27, 2002., A workshop manual for: Marnie Eves at Ontario Public Interest Research Group; Supervising Professor: Margaret Hobbs, Trent University, Trent Centre for Community-Based Education., Includes bibliographic references., ERST/WMST 315, Environmental and Resource Studies/Women's Studies ; Women, Health and Environment.
Ontario Early Years Centre
This item contains four brief outlines of slide presentations and one detailed slide presentation., by Jennifer Gouin and Jennifer Newhook., Date of project submission: May 2003., Completed for Becky Evans at the Peterborough Family Resource Centre; Supervising Professor: Molly Westland, Trent University; Trent Centre for Community-Based Education., Object states there is a bibliography included, none can be found., NURS 302, Community Health Nursing Practice.
Women's health care centre's lending library marketing plan
Executive summary -- 1. Introduction -- 2. Historical Background. 2.1 The Women's Health Care Centre. 2.2 The lending library -- 3. Literature review. 3.1 Recent history. 3.2 Mental process. 3.3 Information seeking. 3.4 Barriers. 3.5 Internet -- 4. Questionnaire results and analysis -- 5. Analysis and critique. 5.1 Internal analysis. 5.2 External analysis -- 6. Marketing recommendations. 6.1 Scenario 1: Stay the same with moderate changes. 6.2 Scenario 2: Change for the future -- Bibliography -- Appendices., submitted by: Erika Pettersson., Completed for: Women's Health Care Centre; Supervising Professor: Prof. Ray Dart, Trent University; Trent Centre for Community Based Education., Includes bibliographical references., ADMIN 482H.
Women, health and the environment
Anne Harrison, Laura Messer, Emmanuelle Reid. --, WS 4951 and WS 397: Canadian Feminist Organizing and Women Health and the Environment.
Women, health and the welfare state
This document is a transition report on the organization of a conference entitled 'Women, Health and Welfare State,' held at Trent University. The report first outlines the considerations taken into account on the part of the organizers as to how to make the conference an inclusive event, such as venue accessibility, dietary needs and childcare services., Organized by Jill Toombs, Shaindl Diamond and Stephanie Wright. --, Date of project submission: April 2002, WMST 400: Women, Health & The Environment.

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